Declaring to the next generation the awesome deeds of the Lord
The home is the center of faith formation for the next generation (Deuteronomy 6:5-7). According to Psalm 78, grandparents are responsible before God to do all in their power to impress the hearts of their grandchildren with a love for God .  Grandparents have been given a unique role of influence in the family and are to be examples for their families.
God's desire is that generation after generation of believers would go forth and fill the earth with His worship and the good news of Christ (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 2:38-39).  The Scriptures give us a dramatic vision of God's call for grandparents to serve as spiritual leaders and mentors for future generations.  Empowering grandparents to disciple and mentor their grandchildren is a most important ministry. When spiritual life is taking place in the grandparents home, their families will engage in service, short-term missions, and the ongoing use of their home as an evangelistic hospitality center in their neighborhoods.

More information is coming on what God can do through grandparents. Please contact us for more information and watch this website for updates.

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are being planned

Godly Grandparenting is the most effective way of seeing lasting fruit and fresh water being produced in the lives of your grandchildren.  It is a commitment, but the investment you make will produce returns greater than you can imagine.   For more information please contact us.

Weekend seminars and topical meetings

Sometimes your schedule does not allow for weekly meetings or maybe you just need a time of refreshment.  We will be offering multiple seminars during the year that  will all offer hope and encouragement, and will cover a variety of topics.  Check back often for upcoming seminars and weekend get togethers.

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