Marriage Coaching

The Lord will change your children by first changing you
Marriages and parenting in today's world is tougher than it has ever been.  Navigating through the many choices that face all of us each day can often be difficult and challenging, but the rewards and benefits of staying committed to and focused on your marriage and parenting  far outweigh the damage done by giving up and walking away.  
The Bible makes it clear that being coached and mentored in your marriage is important not only for a marriage that lasts a lifetime, but also benefits your children as they watch and learn from you.  The Bible is clear how a changed heart produces changed lives.  Jesus said a good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit.  James said that fresh water cannot come from a salt spring.  Fresh water can only come from a fresh spring.
It does not matter whether your marriage is great or not so good, or if you feel you are a great parent or need help, there is no shame in being mentored and coached.  It only produces good fruit and fresh water.

Weekly or Weekend coaching times currently in process of being set up.  Please contact us for more information.

Weekly or bi -weekly coaching and mentoring

This is the most effective way of seeing lasting fruit and fresh water being produced in your home and marriage.  It is a commitment, but the investment you make will produce returns greater than you can imagine. 

Weekend seminars and topical meetings

Sometimes your schedule does not allow for weekly meetings or maybe you just need a time of refreshment.  We will be offering multiple seminars during the year that  will all offer hope and encouragement, and will cover a variety of topics.  Check back often for upcoming seminars and weekend get togethers.

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