Sponsor a family

They may be a family member, co-worker, friend, member of your church.  
We all know someone  who genuinely cares for and loves their children, but simply needs
some help to overcome some of the challenging hurdles in parenting. Parent coaching is a
way to come along side of them in a non threatening manner.   Coaching is something most
people are familiar with.   In parent coaching the coach comes along side the parents
and child helping them to build upon their current skills, giving them strategies,
principles, and home work to bring about genuine heart change in their child
and help replenish and restore peace in their home.

For God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord
Jesus Christ, who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live
together with Him.Therefore comfort each other and edify one another,
just as you also are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:9-11

Why sponsor a family

God is generous and so he calls us to be as well.  What we do with what God has given us shows the world  where our hearts are at and helps proclaim the gospel. We want to glorify God with every area of our lives, and sponsoring a family is one way you can testify of God's goodness.  Helping a family be who God designed them to be, not only brings peace and encouragement in the home, but also helps parents raise children who grow up to be productive members of society, enabling them to be better students, employees, and citizens.  To sponsor a family through a tax deductible gift please contact National Center for Biblical Parenting here and specify My Family Refuge in Sioux Falls, SD
It costs us to provide these services which is why we have suggested fees for the services we offer. While a lot of the people we serve have no problem paying these modest fees, many can only afford a smaller amount.  Everyone pays something.  Your giving allows us to provide service to those who can't afford to pay the fee, but still need  and desire  positive change in their home.  My Family Refuge is NOT a 501C3 corporation so your  while your gifts are not tax deductible,  they are greatly appreciated, and we are very thankful for your support of the family.  However if you would like to  sponsor a family  through a tax deductible gift, you can do so by going to the National Center for Biblical Parenting  donation page here, and indicate on the form your gift is for My Family Refuge, LLC, Sioux Falls, SD .

Ways To sponsor a family

Mail A Check

If you would like to mail a check you may mail a check to My Family Refuge LLC, PO Box 90724, Sioux Falls, SD 57109.  All gifts are greatly appreciated.

Giving online 

Giving online is still in process of being set up. If you prefer to give by a credit or debit card, we use a third party card processing company so you can give securely without divulging your credit or bank card information.

If you have questions about how you can sponsor a family, and how you can know your gifts are being used wisely, please contact us for more information.

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